Wolf Run Productions can be your best
resource for live entertainment and multimedia production.

We can provide nearly any type of entertainment and production services including:

* talented solos, duos & groups

* musicians for your recording session

* a sound system for your event or performance

a video memory of your special occasion

* music or voice-over production & recording

* television & radio advertising or programming

* audio & video demos or resume reels

* a professional video & music editor

* an experienced audio engineer


Ray Wolf
Post Production Editor/Supervisor/Mixer
Andrew Solt Productions - SOFA Entertainment

For over 13 years, I was directly responsible for the finishing and delivery of hundreds of hours of long form, primetime network and cable television programming.
My duties have encompassed executing and supervising nearly every aspect of post-production, and my work is seen and heard in programs that have received Emmy nominations and a video Grammy award.


wolfbasscard copy

a versatile groove player
stage and studio experience
sings lead and harmonizes well
plays 4 or 5 string & fretless
modern or vintage sound
doubles on acoustic or electric guitar